How do I install your indicators?

  1. Download the indicator and store the .zip file on your hard disk. DO NOT UNZIP or OPEN the .zip file.

  2. Start your platform if not already running and click on the Tools > Import > NinjaScript Add-On... menu entry.


  3. This will bring up the file selection window. Find the downloaded indicator file (e,g,, click on it and click on Open.


  4. Wait for success confirmation


  5. From now on, you will find the indicator at the top of the Indicator window. Our indicators are in the IndicatorMall folder or have 'IM' prefix in front of their names. You can easily insert them in the chart window in the same way as the preinstalled indicators.


  6. If you see an error message reporting invalid license, try pressing F5 or restart NinjaTrader. If the error message is present after restarting NinjaTrader, please contact us.