Complex add-ons


Custom indicators and strategies development

Every trader has to find his own way of trading. Often a standard set of indicators are not suitable for trader's style or an important feature giving the trader his edge is missing. To help you focus on increasing your trading skills instead of wasting time and struggling with standard indicators, we offer to create or modify any indicator or strategy related to your needs. You don't have to learn coding or try to adapt non-professional free code bits found on the internet. We offer our professional services to create exactly the indicator or the strategy that perfectly fulfills your requirements and saves your time and money. We are fully professional NinjaTrader certified professional developers with years of experience both coding and trading and we are glad to offer you our services:

Exclusive service

We are coding an indicator or a strategy specifically for you. You have all rights to both source and binary files, we will not sell the product to anyone else. We charge $100 per hour of work.

Shared service

If we find your idea of an indicator or strategy to be usable also for other traders, we can offer you not to pay full rate. You will get the binary files and a lifetime license for the product, but we will have the rights for the code and we will offer the product to other customers. We charge $80 per hour of work.

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